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From inner city to country town, each FoodWorks store across Australia offers a uniquely tailored experience, built and influenced by the community that surrounds it.

As each of our 400 stores are proudly local in nature, we’re not just part of the community, we’re committed to it. It’s where we live, and everything that truly matters to us is right here, close to home.We celebrate the diversity of our communities and champion the distinct character of each shopfront.

Owned and operated independently, each store is given the flexibility and autonomy to adapt their offering to their customers.

By shopping locally, you’re investing in your community, and lively small businesses make lively communities!

We always look to local suppliers first for our produce.

Customer service comes naturally, as our stores are closer and in-tune with their communities.

We’re ready to support local sporting teams and fundraising efforts.



FoodWorks always endeavours to serve the community, not only by providing fresh food and quality goods at our supermarkets, but also by supporting local clubs and organisations. FoodWorks prides itself on going above and beyond to aid locals in need, especially when things take a turn for the worst, and communities are in dire need of support.

During the floods in QLD this year, many communities were stranded and left without the ability to access to their local shops, in order to purchase basics to get them through the emergency. One such community was the town of Cloncurry.

Throughout the emergency, Cloncurry FoodWorks owner, Ed Morrison arranged a charter aircraft to deliver stock to the area, so he could supply the town and surrounding communities with the food and staples they needed to ensure their families remained fed.

This exemplifies the FoodWorks spirit, proving we don't simply say we are local, we also truly act like locals, striving to always prioritise the needs of our communities.