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Priority Home Delivery FAQs

When would I need to use priority delivery?

Customers who are still able to shop in their usual way are encouraged to do so, taking into account the advice of the Department of Health regarding social distancing and reducing time spent outside the home for essential needs only.

FoodWorks Priority Home Delivery Service provides an option for people who are unable to continue shopping in their usual way to purchase essential grocery items online and have them delivered to their home.

What is priority delivery?

Priority delivery means that as a customer who qualifies through one of the programs FoodWorks is supporting, you can receive your items home delivered, before general members of the public. FoodWorks will pick your items and prioritise the delivery of your order.

What stores are available for me to use?

 All participating FoodWorks stores that are offering home delivery can be used for your priority home delivery.

How do I use my code?

To access priority home delivery:

1.     Complete your shopping online, over the phone or via email with a participating FoodWorks store.

2.     When prompted enter your unique priority home delivery code/number supplied to you by the relevant Goverment department.

3.     Submit your order.

Does this code give me any discounts?

No, your code is for priority home delivery access only. You will still need to pay any costs for groceries and delivery fees when using your code.

Does this mean I can bulk buy items?

No, product limits may still apply. Customers should check product limits with their selected FoodWorks store.

Is my information safe?

We want to reassure you that we will not share any personal information with anyone.

If unsure, customers are advised to read the privacy policy available on the FoodWorks website before entering any personal details.


I don’t know my access code, who do I contact?

If you don't have a code/number, or have lost it, you can login to the relevant portal where your code will be available, or contact the relevant Government Department who can supply your details on the links below.

This means if you have an NDIS, My Aged Care, or Veteran Gold Card Number you get priority to purchase essential grocery items online to be delivered to your home.

Can I share my code?

No. Your access code is unique to you and cannot be shared with anyone else.

How quickly will I receive my order?

For information on delivery timing and costs, ask the partcipating FoodWorks store when ordering.

My order has not arrived, what do I do?

If your order has not arrived, you should contact the FoodWorks store directly.

How many times can I use this code?

Your code may be used as often as you require essential groeries delivered, until an end date is announced by the relevant Government department.

Is there a minimum purchase I have to make to access this service?

No. Usual home delivery minimum purchase standards may apply, but there is no additional purchase required to access the priority service.

I received a code for my son/daughter, can I use this code as their parent?

Yes, the person who is normally responsible for purchasing a participant’s groceries, such as a parent or family member, can use the code to purchase groceries on their behalf.

Can I use my code to access other promotions for which people with disability are eligible?

No, your unique access code is for priority delivery service only.


I received a code for priority home delivery through another government agency or department, which one do I use?

If you have received a priority home delivery code through another government agency or department, you can choose one code to use. It is important to note a code can only be used for the person to whom it has been issued.